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Joe Rogan and fans of the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) were in for a surreal experience with Terrence Howard’s appearance on the show. The Hollywood star, known for his portrayal of James Rhodes AKA ‘War Machine’ in the first ‘Iron Man’ film captivated and confused the fans with an extraordinary account of his earliest memory.

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The conversation began with Howard asking Rogan about his earliest memory and when the podcast host admitted he didn’t know, Howard stated, “My first memory was almost like when you’re dreaming and you’re falling and you hit the bottom and you wake up, that was my first memory. But I didn’t wake up here, I was inside my mother’s womb.”


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He further went on to recount, with vivid detail, his experience of six months in the womb, urging himself not to forget where he was. He explained that he could see movements, which he now knows were his own hands, and described a profound sense of awareness and self-recognition.

Howard stated, “I didn’t know it was my hand but I knew I had a title for it. Go back to sleep, all of those things, then ultimately, you get ready to come out, I remember all of that…”.

The Hollywood star’s tale grew even more astonishing as he described the moments leading up to his birth. Howard claimed to remember the compression and panic of being born, followed by a rush of serotonin and dopamine that made him feel relaxed and sleepy. He even recalled his circumcision, stating he remembered “the whole nine.”

This unexpected narrative provided a mix of amusement and bewilderment for Joe Rogan and his audience as the fans took to the comments section to make their thoughts known on the strange story. According to the fans, whether viewed as a profound insight or an eccentric tale, Howard’s account certainly made for a memorable podcast episode. Here’s a look at what the netizens had to say!

Joe Rogan’s podcast fans left questioning reality after Terrance Howard shares his “first memory” 

Fans claimed that Howard has been holding on his “entire life” to drop this story on a platform like Joe Rogan’s podcast

“Terrence been waiting on this moment his entire life.”


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Others claimed that they immediately checked the YouTube comments section in the first minute of the podcast as they wanted to hear what other members of the community thought about Howard’s story

“I opened Spotify, turned this episode on and got about a minute in when he started saying he remembers being in the womb and knew I had to open youtube and come straight to the comment section”

Another fan humorously noted that the podcast’s three-hour duration felt daunting when it began with such an incredible claim just nine seconds in.

“You know its going to be a long 3 hours when he starts the first minute saying “he remembers waking up in his mothers womb” haha”

The sentiment was echoed by a different fan who re-iterated the sheer disbelief and entertainment value of Howard’s account.

“3 hour podcast. Nine seconds in: I woke up inside my mother’s womb.”

However, one of the best jokes put forth by the fans was a reference to Howard’s story as they claimed that they were still “in the womb” and would revisit the story in six months.

“I’m still in the womb, but I’m gonna come back to this in 6 months”

One fan joked that Howard must have been in all the “Star Wars” movies, referencing his seemingly supernatural memory.

“Terrance Howard was in all the “STAR WARS” movies, he was the force.”


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The sentiment was summed up by another fan who couldn’t decide if Howard was the smartest or the craziest person alive, admitting they felt “too dumb” to make that judgment.

“Terrance Howard is either the smartest man alive or the craziest and I can’t tell because I’m too dumb”

Joe Rogan’s expressions were also brought up by the fans as the podcast host seemingly looked lost on how to proceed in front of Howard’s wild story as he had proclaimed in an Instagram post ahead of the episode that this was “One of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had..”


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“The look on Joe’s face after the first 30 minutes of Terrence Howard talking is utter bewilderment.  Joe actually looks baffled”

In the end, Terrence Howard’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast offered a fascinating glimpse into his mind, leaving fans and Rogan alike contemplating the boundaries of memory and consciousness. The surreal journey through Howard’s earliest recollections is sure to remain a topic of discussion and curiosity for a long time. What are your thoughts on the stunning claims made by Terrence Howard? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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