Tesla Energy x SPAN pair up to offer a home battery storage bundle

5 Jun 2024
Image: SPAN

Tesla Energy and smart electrical panel maker SPAN have launched the SPAN + Tesla Powerwall 3 bundle, a smart home battery backup system.

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SPAN announced the partnership on LinkedIn and described the bundle as unlocking “special bundled pricing and next-level functionality for the most advanced home energy management technology on the market, including real-time energy insights and backup load control from anywhere in the SPAN App.”

The bundle costs $11,500, excluding installation and taxes. A Tesla Powerwall 3 costs at least $8,400 before taxes and installation, and a SPAN panel retails for $3,500 before taxes and installation, so the bundle saves you around $400, and that doesn’t take into account federal tax credit and rebate savings.

The SPAN + Tesla Powerwall 3 bundle has 13.5 kWh of stored energy capacity and whole home energy data. What’s neat about the bundle is that it extends Tesla Powerwall 3’s backup duration by a whopping 40% in a power outage. That’s because you have control over exactly what in your house receives power using SPAN’s app, so none is wasted.

It’s available now in California and Texas, and it will be rolled out to more states throughout the year. SPAN matches you with an installer who is both SPAN & Tesla certified.

SPAN, whose CEO, Arch Rao, is the former head of products at Tesla, began selling its smart electrical panel in 2020. As consumers electrify their homes, the panel is able to give consumers more control over and insight into how their homes are using energy.

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