How to change worlds in Once Human

5 days ago
Once Human

Whilst Once Human utilizes a server based approach, letting you pick whichever you like to base up on, there is also a secondary World system that complicates things a little.

These Worlds are basically partitions in the server to ease congestion and allow for everyone to experience the game without any queues holding you back.

If you’re not happy with the World you’re on through, you are able to switch to another and here, we’ll reveal how to do this so you can start anew, maybe joining up with your friends in the process.

To change Worlds in Once Human, you must head to a Teleporter, use it via pressing the G key, and select a new World to move to.

You will reach a Teleporter naturally in the main quest after about 10 minutes of game time so don’t fret if you want to jump to a new World very early on.

You can change Worlds as much as you like, there is no restriction to this, which is nice to know you’re able to freshen things up without limit.

One caveat to changing Worlds though is that anything you have built in the current World will be lost unless you utilize the Move Territory function, which relocates anything that you have created.

Regardless of this though, you will keep hold of any items and gear that are in your inventory, so no need to worry about that when switching.

As previously mentioned, changing Worlds does keep you in the same server so keep that in mind if you were looking to move off a PvP server for example, wanting a quieter life in a more PvE only location.

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