The Mercury's Sound Off for Friday, May 10

10 May 2024

Put an X in the win column for the devious Montgomery County Democrats as they successfully win their fight to allow mail-in ballots with any date written on them to be counted. Now if they need to find a few thousand votes for their candidates to edge out their Republican opponent, all they have to do is grab Democrat ballots from prior elections and toss them into the count for the current election.

Recently, I met some old friends for lunch and soon the conversation turned to Pottstown. We all are in our late 60s and 70s and have vivid memories of town. First, we relived all of the great things about living in Pottstown, and then we sadly had to talk about where Pottstown is today. It’s a crying shame to see how far Pottstown has fallen. Our leadership past and present has let us down.

Broken Hearted!

I saw a pundit last night talk about the massacre of Jews on Oct. 7 by Hamas/Palestinians. The pundit made an excellent point. There are many videos available on the internet showing the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists, yet CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox aren’t showing them or even edited versions. Why? Yet these same networks(except Fox) parrot ridiculous casualty numbers from Hamas like they have any basis in reality.

Michael Stern

Kudos to the Borough of Pottstown for clearing out the properties along Keystone Drive. The Schuylkill River Trail in that area now affords some very scenic views along the river. Whoever came up with that idea should get an award.

“If we send a check like we did last year (to the IRS) … and if 800 other companies had done the same thing, no other person in the United States would have had to pay a dime in federal taxes. Not in income taxes, not in Social Security taxes … It doesn’t bother me in the least to write that check” — Warren Buffet from BH annual meeting. Donald Trump “not paying taxes makes me smart.”


Fact Jack: “… Arctic sea ice ….” Despite the “trust my facts” signature (Why should I?), failing to provide info on where the report came from, auto-sends your comment (and credibility) to the BS file. The embarrassment is yours. Learn to dig deeper.

Now that we have experienced the last four years, look back at Richard Nixon. The CIA did Watergate. The FBI said he had to go. Bob Woodward, formally In the Navy, a brand new reporter got the lead story. Nixon didn’t fight it; Trump is. It never made sense to me. Nixon said he wasn’t a crook, and I believe him. The deep state has been at it for a long time. Keep fighting Trump.

The Shiraz University in Iran is offering tuition-free scholarships to college students who have been expelled due to their mostly peaceful, pro-Hamas protests. It sounds like a win/win opportunity for everyone.

Robert Minninger

In another attempt to pander to the low-intelligence democrat voter base, Joe Biden was forced by his handlers to attend an activist rally supporting the killing of babies. Dementia Joe actually made the Catholic “Sign of the Cross“ on himself while his host, the event’s chief baby-killing activist, was making her speech demanding the right to kill babies. The slobbering old senile Biden doesn’t even know where he’s at most of the time.

Missy Miss

To anonymous post on May 1, bless your heart! The “Electoral College Must Go”! It’s clear you didn’t pay attention in civics class or attended public school or maybe both. The Founders came up with this genius system for a purpose! Highly recommend a stay at a “Holiday Inn Express” and then you may comprehend the genius and why the Electoral College was established!

Just the facts!

I am thinking of writing a screenplay. It centers on an 81-year-old man with dementia who is president. He lies all the time, stumbles on stairways, and falls flat on his face on stages. He has a son who is a drug addict, porn addict, and gives his dad a 10% cut from blackmail of foreign leaders. The demented president’s party has prosecutors indict his opponent in 4 different jurisdictions. Friends say it sounds real.


Actor Michael Douglas claims that Joe Biden is as sharp as a knife. A Biden commercial has an actor claiming the same thing. Then today I saw a video of Biden at a rally reading a teleprompter and Biden reads, “Four more years, Pause,” but the sharp as a tack Biden wasn’t supposed to read the word Pause — it was a script instruction. Duh! Biden is a gaffe machine.

Billy G.

Our right to survive is paramount when we live in a society where violent criminals are not punished and allowed to walk free. We have every right to protect ourselves and our families. In November, Americans will vote to determine whether Joe Biden gets to continue to destroy our country with his pro-crime, anti-gun agenda, or if we get to save our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves.

Truth Be Told

Over the past 3 years, Joe Biden has stolen $150 billion of your tax dollars to pay off the student loans of whining entitled/privileged upper-class white people. And he just announced a plan to bypass Congress and the US Constitution to wipe out $7.5 Billion more. Biden wouldn’t know how to Make America Great Again if his life depended on it.


These mostly college students are wrapped up in something they don’t understand. So these “I am Hamas” yelling, American flag-burning, so-called students are the same people we are supposed to bail out of their student loans? Kick them all out! And yet our current President is too scared to say anything about these happenings. Show them what Hama did on October 7th.


They should teach history in school again so kids can learn that people who steal top-secret military documents used to be called spies.


Tedros and the WHO, corrupt or incompetent or both? If you research Tedros, you have to wonder how is it that he has a job, let alone to be in charge of an international health organization. An organization with Bill Gates as its biggest contributor, and largely Bill Gates’ influence on Tedros’s leadership. Please research these guys and discover how they operate. And then let your representatives know what you think about the WHO.

H John

How about we all go out and smoke some weed? Legalize marijuana so we can celebrate Cannabis Fest. Gov. Shapiro wants more tax money so let’s get with the program. Get your script from the doctor.

At universities like Michigan State, ActBlue, a Democrat fundraising platform, gets a percentage of donations to anti-Israel tent encampments.

I hate to admit it, but Pres. Biden is doing the work of three men. They would be Larry, Moe, and Curly!

Jim Fitch

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