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  • Earthquake jolts Christchurch awake as Canterbury aftershock sequence continues
  • Aftershocks continue to rock Christchurch following early morning earthquake
  • GeoNet: Today's light quake 'a reminder' aftershocks of Canterbury earthquake continue 10 years on
  • Quake info: Very strong mag. 6.2 earthquake - South Pacific Ocean, 197 km northeast of Gisborne, New Zealand, on Monday, 5 Apr 2021 7:37 pm (GMT +12)
  • Thousands report feeling magnitude 6.1 earthquake east of East Cape
  • 'Long and rolling' — More than 7000 feel magnitude 6.2 quake east of East Cape
  • Moderate earthquake hits east of Te Araroa
  • Significant magnitude 5.0 earthquake 4 km southeast of Taupo, New Zealand
  • Earthquake swarm: Magnitude 6.1 quake hits off coast of North Island, largest since Friday's 7.1
  • 'Moderate' 6.1m earthquake reported off east coast
  • NZ tsunami warning: Caution in the water urged, future quakes expected
  • 'Weak' earthquakes reported following East Cape and Kermadec Island quakes
  • Geonet seismologist John Ristau says it's unusual to have three major earthquakes within hours of each other - 05-Mar-2021 - NZ Environment news
  • Live: Tsunami alert lifted after 7.1 earthquake shakes upper North Island
  • NZ tsunami warnings cancelled following M8.1, M7.4 and M7.1 earthquakes and tsunami
  • Earthquake swarm/tsunami risk: Weeks of aftershocks expected after big shake off East Cape, Kermadecs
  • As it happened: Tsunami warning lifted for New Zealand after shallow magnitude 8.1 Kermadec Islands quake
  • Moderate earthquake of magnitude 4.6 just reported 44 km southwest of Auckland, New Zealand
  • GeoNet reveals likelihood of further rattling after today's strong earthquakes
  • Significant magnitude 6.9 quake hits 103 km northeast of Ruatoria, New Zealand early morning