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France imposes a curfew due to the coronavirus disease

France has set a daily record for the number of new coronavirus cases. 

France has set a daily record for the number of new coronavirus cases. More than 41 thousand people became infected with the disease in just one day. These frightening statistics forced the authorities to take drastic measures. And today it became known that a curfew is being imposed on two-thirds of the population.

A few days ago, restrictive measures were introduced in the capital and in several other large cities where there was a high number of the cases. Now 38 more districts will join them. The curfew will apply to 46 million people in total. They will be prohibited from being outside their homes from 9 pm to 6 am.

According to the ВВС, not all the French agreed on the need to implement such radical measures. In particular, the curfew will further worsen the condition of small businesses, which still have not recovered from the spring quarantine. Businessmen demand to provide them with decent support, but so far all the attention of the authorities has been focused on stabilizing the epidemiological situation.

It is worth noting that the total number of French citizens infected with the coronavirus disease has exceeded one million. Thus, the country is only slightly behind Spain and Russia.

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