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Father's Day 2021 wishes: Na "Happy Father's Day" today but wia di celebration from come?

Find out about Father's Day and how dem dey celebrated am around di world.
20 June 2021, 10:55 WAT

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Father's Day sign

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Father Day na celebration wey dem dey do every third Sunday of June for UK.

Dis year, e fall on Sunday 20 June.

Na day to celebrate fathers and father figures or grandfathers.

You wan sabi wia di celebration from come? Dey read dey go.

Father's Day 2021 wishes: Na

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How Father's Day take start?

For hundreds of years, na im don dey celebrate Mother's Day , but Father's Day na one wey recent.

Di day fit don begin for di US and tori plenty for how e really happun.

Di one wey popular pass, wey carry plenty truth, na say e start with one woman wey dem dey call Sonora Louise Smart for Washington.

After her mama die during childbirth when she dey born her sixth pikin, di papa take over to raise di family.

For 1909, Sonora bin hear one speech for church bout Mother's Day and she reason am say papas dem suppose get dia own celebration.

Several local pastors approve di idea and tori be say 19 June 1910 na di first unofficial Father's Day.

American actor and singer Ray Heatherton in 1950

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For 1966, US President Lyndon B. Johnson decide to make di third Sunday for June Father's Day.

Six years later President Richard Nixon sign am into law.

How dem dey celebrate am around di world?
Canna flower

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For Thailand, Father's Day celebration dey happun on di birthday of dia beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on 5 December, wey dem consider to be Father of di Nation.

Dia tradition na to wear yellow on di day.

Fathers and grandfathers go also get Canna flower though di practise no dey common again

For Mexico, Father's Day or Día del Padre dey happun on di third Sunday in June.

Every year for Mexico City dem go do 13 mile race: Di Carrera Día del Padre or Father's Day race. Children fit also follow run beside dia papa.

Fathers celebrate Vatertag in traditional clothes

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For Germany instead of fathers or väter to spend time with dia pikin, most times dem go form groups and do hiking trips, sometimes wagon wey dem dey pull for back go get plenty food and drinks.

For Nepal children dey give sweets as gifts. Sons and daughters sometimes receive blessings from dia papa.

Those wey dia papa don die, go go one pilgrimage place and perform shraddha, di holy ritual of remembrance.

Father's Day 2021 wishes: Na

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For France, Fête des Pères na wetin traditionally be Catholic celebration, but because of commercial reasons dem reinvent am for di 1900s.

Now all sorts of gifts na im pipo dey give on di day, including rose flowers.

E dey traditional for France to give red roses to your papa if e dey alive, but if im don die, na white rose flower you do lay ontop im grave.

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