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4 Jun 2024
Charley Hull

Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we are happy to report that Anthony Kim isn’t the only AK making a long-awaited golf comeback this year. We’re talking about AKM, AKA Alexander Kinser Myers. That’s right, me. As of a couple weeks ago, I’m back on the golf course after undergoing offseason knee surgery. And while I’m not getting paid like AK to play, I’m occasionally able to break 80 like him (Kidding, AK, love ya, my fellow girld dad!) and now I have my own hype video promoting my return. In case you forgot, here was AK’s:

HELLO, HATERS. I'M BACK. Inspiring stuff, right? Thanks to The Grind producer Mason Leverington for putting that together. And thanks as always for following along in this space. OK, let’s get to the actual good golf going on.

Yuka Saso: While everyone around her seemed to be going backward, the 22-year-old from Japan via the Philippines climbed the leaderboard at Lancaster Country Club to claim a second U.S. Women’s Open title.

Saso, who opted for Japanese citizenship two years ago, is the first winner of the event from both countries. So remember that unusual fact for your next golf trivia night. Saso also became the youngest to ever win the event twice, and she proved that Rory McIlroy’s swing is still capable of winning a major! Kidding, Rory. Seriously, though, they’ve got the same (awesome) swing:

But now she's one-up in terms of U.S. Open trophies.

Robert MacIntyre: Move over, Robert Horry. The sports world has a new Big Shot Bob! What a performance from the Scottish lefty to win his first PGA Tour title at the RBC Canadian Open. MacIntyre—and Ben Griffin—made things interesting down the stretch at Hamilton Golf & Country Club on Sunday, but in the end, Big Shot Bob prevailed with a clutch approach shot on the 72nd hole.

And he did it all with his dad on the bag, instantly making this one of the best feel-good pro golf stories in recent memory.

Let’s talk a bit more about Mr. MacIntyre . . .

Dougie MacIntyre: The dude was cool and calm throughout, but he understandably lost it after his son tapped in for victory. This interview with both father and son talking to CBS’ Amanda Balionis was amazing—especially when Dougie, whose real job has long been working as a greenskeeper at the Glencruitten Golf Club in Scotland, said “Unbelievable. I’m a grass cutter.”

What a moment. If that didn’t hit you in the feels, you’re colder than a sunrise tee time in Scotland. Congrats to Dougie. And Bob. And good luck to the U.S. Open topping that storyline this Father’s Day.

Caddies: OK, time for me to pour a little cold water on all the pro caddies out there. Admittedly, the caddies-are-overrated movement took a big blow when Scottie Scheffler struggled without Ted Scott at the PGA Championship, but now we have a dad filling in for one tournament. And winning. In his only attempt. Dougie MacIntyre is batting 1.000 as a caddie on the PGA Tour. That’s a fact.

Obviously, first and foremost, a golfer needs a caddie they’re comfortable with. And it’s hard to find a more comfortable pairing than your dad. But these guys are all so good at this level that expert advice from a professional looper is overrated. Some guys might need that more than others, but there are just too many examples of players winning with wives, girlfriends, best friends and now a dad filling in to back this movement. I know Ted Scott does an amazing job—they all do—but give Scottie a few more rounds with that PGA Tour chaplain and I’m pretty sure he’d still be World No. 1. Sorry, caddies.

People complaining about Lancaster CC: Maybe I misinterpreted some of the tweets I was seeing, but I got a lot of “This course is too hard” vibes on Golf Twitter. Was it difficult? Yes. Was this a PROPER U.S. Open test? Also, yes. I will concede that the 12th hole got a bit goofy that first day. I mean, Nelly Korda made a freaking 10 there Thursday morning and that quickly sucked a lot of the air out of the tournament. But don’t most of these same golf fans love seeing the trainwrecks at TPC Sawgrass’ 17th hole during the Players Championship? Also, Nelly handled it quite well.

In any event, call me old school, but I love a U.S. Open leaderboard that has only two players under par by Sunday evening. And I’m hoping we see something similar at Pinehurst with the men next week.

Scottie Scheffler’s ordeal: What a WILD 12 days, but in the end, all charges were dropped against the World No. 1. It really makes you think that this was a big misunderstanding and an even bigger overreaction. And think of all the time we wasted on this drama. Not that we’re complaining! It was great for content! Heck, even the arresting officer’s final statement on the matter was entertaining:

“Freaking $80 pants.” Incredible. OK, time for everyone to move on. Just be careful if you’re moving in a car in a congested area.

The PGA Tour heads to Dublin, Ohio, for the Memorial, AKA that one Jack Nicklaus hosts. Always one of the premier non-majors of the season—and now a PGA Tour signature event—Robert MacIntyre earned a last-minute spot in the field thanks to his big win in Canada. And then Robert MacIntyre withdrew to fly home and party with his family and friends. This might seem crazy to some tour pros, but some things are more important than a non-cut event and a guaranteed payday.

Random tournament fact: In 2016, William McGirt beat John Curran in a playoff. Yeah, I didn’t remember that, either.


—Nelly Korda will make another 10 this year: 1 MILLION-to-1 odds

—Scottie Scheffler will get arrested again this year: 10 MILLION-to-1 odds

—Robert and Dougie will drink more booze than you this week: LOCK


Adam Hadwin took a photo with the security guard who tackled him last year—and this time he made sure to display his credential.

Reunited and it feels so good. Well, it feels better than being flattened by a security guard, at least.


No biggie, just a couple green jacket winners following their sons around:

Tiger got bragging rights over Trevor back, for this week, with Charlie edging Jakob by a couple shots.


Charley Hull signed autographs while smoking a cigarette:

And gained over 70,000 Instagram followers. What a world.


Shane Lowry had the perfect reaction to C.T. Pan bringing in a FOURTH caddie for one round at the RBC Canadian Open after Mike “Fluff” Cowan fell down and got hurt:

Pan was two under with his three replacement caddies, one of whom was a fan from the gallery. Another victory for the Caddies-Are-Overrated/Interchangeable Movement. Anyway, feel better, Fluff!


Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


It’s hard to beat Bobby Mac and his dad celebrating their Canadian Open win together, but his call home to his mom was also amazing, especially when he talked about paying off his parents’ mortgage:

What a good lad! And considering I had a few bucks on Bob, he’s also helping to pay off my mortgage. Thanks, Bobby!


Reggie Bush has become a big part of the celebrity golf scene since retiring from the NFL and he’s now involved in the golf apparel business as well by designing clothes with Travis Mathew. Oh, yeah, he also just (rightfully) got his Heisman Trophy back and we had the pleasure of having him on this week’s episode of The Loop podcast. Have a listen:

For my money, as someone who was too young to watch/appreciate Barry Sanders, Reggie and my FSU guy Peter Warrick are the two most electric college football players of my lifetime.

How could it be anything else?

Congrats to 29-year-old science teacher Colin Prater on qualifying for the 2024 U.S. Open at Pinehurst next week. Stories like this make the U.S. Open so great—and Mr. Prater is certainly cooler than any science teacher I ever had. . . . On the flip side, condolences to Adam Scott for losing in a playoff to Cam Davis despite chipping in for birdie on the first playoff hole. Scott’s streak of playing in 91 consecutive majors is in serious jeopardy, but unlike some other big names, at least he tried to qualify. . . . Condolences also to my man Michael Miller, who lost in a playoff to Jim Herman. Losing in a playoff after getting so close on ‘Golf’s Longest Day’ is brutal. . . . In non-U.S. Open qualifying news, congrats to Jack Wiebe on making back-to-back hole-in-ones on par FOURS. I’m still not sure I believe it, but congrats. . . . John Wood has been named the first manager for the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Not sure why, but if this helps Tiger Woods say yes to being captain then I'm all for it. . . . And, finally, seven years after the Peachwave froyo in town sadly closed, it has been replaced by a Longford’s Ice Cream:

Great news for the kids. Bad news for my waist and my wallet.


How much will I wind up spending at Longford’s?

What did Talor Gooch do on ‘Golf’s Longest Day’?

Will AK or AKM get back in the winner’s circle first?

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